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Interested in selling by Auction?

The Ray White Beachlands Auction process continues to provide excellent results for our clients. We have three professional and leading edge options available to our clients when it comes to venue – virtual, on site and in-rooms.

Traditionally, our favourite has been in the on site environment, due largely to the fabulous locations that our coastal suburbs provide. Where better to carry out an auction, than a home with a world class view, picturesque garden, or within the walls of an architecturally designed masterpiece?

More recently however, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, this has not been possible. The virtual world has long been available, but only recently taken up, due to necessity. And what a result this has provided! Partnering with Auctions Live, our virtual Auction platform, and together with Apollo Auctions, who were at the forefront of the momentum shift towards livestreaming in a virtual space, our teams ability to create a transparent environment with market leading results has been very, very impressive.

The in-room option has also always been available to our clients. However, 2022 will spell a new era for the in room experience for Pohutukawa Coast sellers. Watch this space – there’s more information to come!.