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Property Management

Why Use Us?

There is no doubt owning an investment property can be hard work. By getting your property
professionally managed we aim to make the process as stress and hassle free as possible.
To ensure your investment provides you with positive returns and rewards you in capital gains, there
are eight reasons to get your property managed:

1) Effecting marketing and advertising
2) Proven strategies for handling residents/tenants
3) Better rental rates/ rental returns
4) Timely rent payments
5) Improved Maintenance
6) Quality tenants
7) Reduced vacancy
8) Save time and hassle

Why Use Us?

At Ray White Beachlands we pride ourselves in providing both our landlords and tenants with the
best service. With our business being family owned and operated we know the importance of
understanding your goals and expectations and work to give you a more personalized experience.
Our policy of uncompromising service is built of a foundation of 20 years hands-on experience as a
second generation owned and operated Real Estate and Property Management Company.

Ray White Beachlands is the only locally owned and operated full service real estate offering on the
Pohutukawa Coast. Our values align with our community and the spirit of which is carried forward
into everything we do locally – and Auckland wide.

Our philosophy is heavily geared towards front footing legislative changes and ensuring tip-top
compliance in our application to property management. These two items are not scary, when you
face them head on and deal with the issues as they arise. The result is a better all-round property
offering to the market, better returns for our landlords, longer tenancies at higher rates and a more
valuable long term investment for the property owner.
To learn how we apply ourselves at a higher service level in the market place call Ray White
Beachlands today, there is no time to lose!

Rex Bignell- Director
Contact: rex.bignell@raywhite.com
021 228 4100

Tracey Royal- Property Management
Contact: rentals.beachlands@raywhite.com
021 400 297

Lindi Thérond – Administration Manager
Contact: beachlands.nz@raywhite.com
021 104 2538

Karen Leckner- Property Management
Contact: karen.leckner@raywhite.com
021 433 056

Jacqueline Mc Gearty- Business Development Manager
Contact: jacqeuline.mcgearty@raywhite.com
021 433 052